Puncture-proofing with polyurethane filler

In industrial and agricultural applications, operators are often saddled with the problems of everyday tire blow-outs. Not only does this mean a lot of extra work and high costs, it also leads to premature tire wear and, increasingly importantly, results in significant machine losses.

In many places, the use of reinforced or solid tires can eliminate this phenomenon or reduce it to a tolerable level.

However, their application has limitations. A reinforced tire cannot provide complete protection, and a solid tire is less rigid than a blown tire.

Our recommended defect filler combines the flexibility of a blown wheel with the durability of a solid wheel.

The fluid introduced into the assembled wheel through the valve, after solidification, converts the blown wheel into an airtight, solid wheel while retaining its elastic properties. By puncturing or slashing the tire, keeping the filler in its original shape allows the machine to continue working without stopping until the entire tread is worn.

It can be loaded into the blown wheels of any non-high speed machine, power machine, trailer (max. 30 km / h) regardless of size and operating pressure, for example:

FOR INDUSTRY: Forklifts, skid steer loaders and telescopic loaders, earthmoving machinery, aerial platforms.

FOR AGRICULTURE: Windrowers, disc harrows, balers, seeders, agricultural trailers, lawn mowers, garden tractors, forestry machinery.

Puncture-proofing with ReSeal material

Another solution is ReSeal Filler, a multi-fiber puncture-proof fluid designed to eliminate punctures in, for example, compact lawnmowers, quads, loaders, or any slow-moving vehicle with tires, both industrial and agricultural. In the event of damage, the exhausting air will press the sealant into the permeable area.

ReSeal provides immediate and effective sealing. It also securely seals between the rim and the tire. The chemical composition of the product protects the tire layers from rotting and thus loss of air and tire puncture. In addition, it is non-toxic, non-flammable, environmentally friendly and hassle-free washout.

A safe and easy solution!

ReSeal is pumped from a tank into the tire using a pump:
• remove the valve needle and bleed the tire
• set the tire with the valve  in the position of 3 or 9 o’clock
• fasten the hose to the valve and check its filling
• Pull out the pump handle
• press the handle evenly until it rests firmly on the substrate (repeat the procedure according to the amount of filling required)
• disconnect the hose connection from the valve, reinsert the valve needle and adjust the tire to the recommended pressure
• rotate the tire after loading or even start using it.

ReSeal is for prevention. When introduced into the tire, it prevents the formation of defects and loss of air.

• Reduces downtime and thus operating costs resulting from defects and repairs.
• Safe, simple and easy to use.
• Refractory and environmentally friendly, non-toxic.
• No fluctuation in air pressure, no immediate need to check the air pressure.
• Lightweight, portable and on-site loading.
• Save a lot of time and money.

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